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Ghost MV1 Review


Jesus, not another freaking flower vape. I have tried the desktops, the handhelds, in many different shapes and sizes. The end result for me personally is that these things don’t really do the job that sparking up a good ol' fatty does for me. If the idea of sucking through a cocktail straw for 30 minutes while you kinda get high sounds like fun, then you might be a vapor person.


I gotta admit, learning that you were wrong in an assumption is one of the frustrating things for me. But life has a funny way of showing ya you were so wrong in the most amazing way. The Ghost MV1 was my most recent life lesson: Not all vapes are created equal, not by a long shot!


Now I’m not going to say that this thing is perfect, but my bitches are most likely a result of the supreme performance i’ve experienced. So here is my awakening, and man I was surprised!


First thing you gonna see right after opening up the box is this massive handheld shining back at you. The build feels super solid, and nothing on the unit seems cheap or fragile. But holy shit is it big! I’m not calling this a pocket handheld vape, but definitely a back back handheld one! Funny thing is when you pick it up your hands fit very comfortably around the unit, and it is very ergonomic overall. Why is it so big? The dual 18650 batteries are the main reason for this i think, but this ensures that the MV1 will last you throughout the day, and with the optional quick charge adapter, you could keep the party going all night as well!


This vape takes ceramic crucibles that you load up yourself. There is a very cool accessory that allows you to preload 6 crucibles and carry along with you in a convenient carrying case. This allows you to not only set up a full days worth of vaping, but you can preload 6 different strains to accentuate your day as your activity dictates! Start off with a light Sativa to get you going, then finish with a chill Indica to welcome the evening, so cool! There is an option to use a concentrate pad to fully utilize your concentrates too!!!


The MV1 distributes heat evenly thanks to an innovative diffuser. This means no charring of material and no need to shake or stir during vape sessions. The even distribution of heat also does an excellent job retaining all the flavors of your favorite herbs. With the GHOST MV1 you will actually taste what you smell for the first time.


And speaking about the heating, this thing is FAST, like stupid fast! The MV1 instantly heats up to the preset temp in less than 10 seconds. For the folks who like to take a puff once in a while can do so without worrying about further degradation of the material while the vape sits unused, but still cooking. It’s vaping when you’re using it, and not vaping while it’s hanging out till you are ready to continue. PAX tries do do this, but in reality the herbs are cooking all the time after you initiate that first hit. This feature alone make this unit unique. But there’s a few more tricks up the MV1’s sleeve.


Remember the cocktail straw reference? If you have ever used a hand held you know of what I speak! You almost feel like you’re gonna run out of breath before you get a hit. Not very satisfying in the least. Hitting the MV1 is like taking a hit off of a more traditional smoking method, like a pipe or bong. Very little drag is involved. The heatsink at the top preheats the air, so this allows for a less restricted hit. In fact the harder you draw the milkier the hits, just amazing! This puppy is a real hitter!


Before using the MV1 I downloaded the app to unlock this units full potential. I was very happy to see that a software upgrade was available for my unit the first time I effortlessly connected the unit to my phone via bluetooth. After the upgrade and a quick restart, i was ready to hit this baby! The online tutorial was very helpful to go over as i was setting my temperature through the app. I’m used to packing the flower in tight in handheld vape units like the Alpha Goboof and the PAX, but the MV1 likes a loose pack and a coarse grind to get the best results. I loaded up some sofresh farms Durban Poison and took this puppy for a test ride! I was surprised by the flavor and the vape production off of just the first hit! This strain I have been smelling smoking, and selling for the last 3 years was a completely different flavor experience than I was used to. I tasted a menthol aftertaste that I honestly never had! The high after a few hits was pounding my head in a good way! And honestly it was a bit more headier than what I was used to. I was very pleasantly surprised for sure!


If you are looking for a vape that is actually going to do the job I’d look no further than the Ghost MV1. I’m going to be making the Ghost MV1 my personal go to when I feel like vaping some super tasty flowers!

Jazz By Big Beard Farms

To Jazz Or Not to Jazz There Is No Question!

By Matt Criscione

Big beard Farms has been a fixture in the Oregon cannabis markets since I’ve been in the industry for a few years now. They have always had the reputation of growing unique and potent strains for first the medical program, then later shifting over to the rec market allowing everyone over 21 to enjoy this farms amazing cultivar.


The Jazz as far as I can sluth is a special crossing of 2 landrace strains, landrace meaning that the strains have been growing for so long in a region that the plant has adapted to its environment and has evolved into a unique version to be able to survive its climate. These strains can evolve to create truly unique effects not found anywhere else.


Jazz is the mythical combination of a Mexican landrace from Oaxaca and an Iranian landrace indica. This strain grows very well in colder climates in spite of its hot blooded genetics. The nugs are very dense and show a few red hairs along with a dense frosting of trichomes over its dark green body.


The initial smell gives off a very sweet floral notes, with that dense earthy flavor I really dig.

After I ground up a bit I rolled up myself a nice joint and went to a hike around NW Portland to take advantage of an early spring day.


The flavor was robust, very sweet and earthy, almost like sugar sprinkled over ripened berries. The effects were immediate in the brain, but a nice feeling of calm settled down into my body leaving a relaxation that wasn’t couch locking.


I recommend this Sativa dominant hybrid for just about anything daytime related for those who want a little body stone with an active feeling head high!


THC: 26.4% | CBD: 0.06%

Available at Oregon’s Finest

Photo Matt C.

Photo Matt C.

Sour Watermelon Gummies from Herban Tribe

By Cannabis Consigliere


Boy do I have a super tasty treat for you kids today! The Sour Watermelon Gummies are truly something special. This is the second edible I’ve tested for these cats. Their amazing Hand Squeezed Orange Juice is a fan fave over at Oregon’s Finest. And these edibles they made do not disappoint!


One thing I appreciate about this company is their dedication to making strain specific treats. This particular batch is made with the Sour Tangie strain. This allows consumers to not only enjoy a tasty treat, but also allow them to medicate more accurately when trying to alleviate specific ailments.


The 10 pieces you get per package is limited to 5mg of cannabis per piece. This will let the consumer microdose to their heart's content. Edibles affect everyone different. I suggest taking one or 2 and wait about 45 min to make sure you will handle a larger amount. This guy did the entire package hehe.


The flavor and texture was superbly on point. I prefer a bit more of a tougher gummie to chew, and the flavor was explosive. Very juicy and flavorful, but lacking any cannabis flavor to distract for the experience.


The effects took about a hour to activate for me. I was feeling energetic and uplifted thanks to the Sour Tangie extracts inside!


I really am impressed with all the new flavors that these folks are coming out with. I haven’t had a loser yet! Get out and check out the Herban Tribe Sour Gummies, I promise you wont be dissapointed!


Labs: THC| 4.74mg per piece/ 47.4mg pre package | CBD: 0mg | Tested by Oregon Analytical

Photo Matt C.

sofresh farms Durban Poison

By Cannabis Consigliere


If you think you’ve seen it all in cannabis then the Durban Poison should be on your radar if you haven't already tried it out. This heavy hitting yet uplifting strain is great for motivation and appetite control.


The strain can trace its lineage to the bustling city of Durban, South Africa, and is referred to as a landrace strain. A pure sativa that has large amount of Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). This extremely rare version of THC has the amazing ability to actually stave off hunger. That’s right, no munchies, along with delivering a very uplifting and happy high. A lot of my customers seek this out for treatment for depression and post traumatic stress disorder. I have to say that my personal experiences with this strain confirms this effect.


The deliciously sweet flavor of the smoke was very smooth, and I enjoyed the hints of grapefruit notes on the exhale. sofresh farms Clean Green Certified growing practices really shine here!


The overall effects for me was very energetic. This is a go to strain for any kind of active lifestyle you might want to enjoy and best pre-workout ever! The happy euphoric feelings will also do well to shake off the funk of winter.


Labs: THC: 23.31% | CBD: 0.0% | Tested by: MRX Labs


Sample Graciously provided by Oregon’s Finest


Available at: Oregon’s Finest

1327 NW Kearney

Portland, Oregon

and Oregon's Finest

736 NE Martin Luther King Blvd

Portland, Oregon

Photos courtesy sofresh farms

Voyager 1

Houston We All Good Here!

Grown by 7 Points Farm


By Cannabis Consigliere


When I fist had a chance to try out the Voyager 1 by 7 Points Farm I was truly blown away, as were the folks who grew it! One of the growers told me he should’ve bought a lottery ticket the day he popped those seeds! I’m inclined to believe he should have, cuz he hit a huge winner!


The strain might be a cross of Super Lemon Haze, Blue Satellite or possibly a bit of Silverback Gorilla. Nonetheless the result is a super dense almost lemonade smelling flower packed with more trichomes than I’ve ever seen before.


The massive buds produces are extremely floral smelling which is a rarity in super high THC producing strains. The flavor when smoking is off the charts, wisps of pineapple, mango, and lemon are dancing over my taste buds.


The high is sublime! This sativa dominant power house left me feeling happy and uplifted, as well as stoned off my ass! The pain relief was really good as I felt the head rush settle into my body after an hour or so.


I recommend you seek out this rare specimen as you will be pleasantly surprised how this flower leaves you feeling!


The Sizzleberries Taste Like Sizzleberries

Grown By Grown Rogue



This new taste walked into my life today by a chance meeting. And I’m very happy it did! I’m pretty impressed with this flower actually. The Sativa Dominant Hybrid (80% Sativa – 20% Sativa) is a cross between two heavy hitting Sativa dominant strains. The dark green nugs are densely packed and came to me trimmed to perfection.

Overall, its’ a very beautiful specimen. The fruity smell is very prevalent when I opened it up for the first time. It reminded me of Frankenberry Cereal. It’s very sweet with a hint of that earthy goodness that I dig.

I really liked the taste of the smoke, and though it was a bit harsh, it wasn’t unpleasant. This might be more a fault of the strain verse the growing methods. The flower was flushed and cured properly as far as I can tell.

The high was very energetic. Not extremely stoney, but definitely will lift your spirits and get you going for the day. I think this would be perfect way to enjoy a little backcountry skiing (please snow) with a bunch of friends.

Grown Rogue is based out of Southern Oregon. This Clean Green Certified farm is housed in a 1,700-foot state of the art indoor facility with eight medical grade flower rooms. These cats have projected to produce over 220 pounds per month! This is a new grower for me, but I’d love to see a few more more of their other strains. They claim to have a breeding program which will be yielding a bunch of other new to us strains very soon!.

If you happen to spy anything from these guys, I wouldn’t hesitate to check it out. I recommend the Sizzleberry very much.


THC: 18.93% CBD: 0.44%

The State of Cannabis in Oregon

How do we compare?

Matthew Criscione



One of my favorite places to work at Oregon’s Finest for me is the front desk. There I really get to take the time wasted spent waiting in the lobby to engage my customers. I love people, I love learning about other places and how things are done differently here as opposed to there.


Being in the cannabis game, naturally leads to some interesting conversations about how the different states approach cannabis differently. Although we have some things to improve on, I believe Oregon is leading the way in the national race to full recreational enjoyment.


First off, we actually have recreational cannabis. My favorite customer so far was this big burly looking guy, full beard, flannel worn from head to toe, whome I assumed was just the typical Portland hipster, but the silent wide-eyed gaze immediately proved me wrong. This amazing gentleman was from Norway and didn't know if he could actually get any smoke here. I was very pleased to inform him that he had arrived at the right spot. He looked as if he was about to cry. It never fails to bring a smile to my face to welcome people who get to buy cannabis products in an actual retail setting. I admit – it blows me away as well.


I get my fair share of folks from around the world, any given day I can be talking to a person from a county that still enforces prohibition, and the struggles are real. But current states that allow recreational cannabis are struggling to find their own regulations that make sense. My Washington friends are forced to only buy pre packaged flower. That’s when the flower is displayed for the customer, but what you get has been pre-weighed and sealed, which can be a big let down between the sample you were shown and what actually came in the bag. It’s often not quite as sexy as what attracted you to the flower in the first place.


While in Oregon, I can show you a jar that holds a lot so you get a full smell (terpenes) and see what the overall flower looks like. I can even go hunting around for that perfect nug you saw hanging out in the middle of that display jar – just for you! As a side note, I never let you leave my shop with anything I wouldn’t smoke myself. I tend to joke that I wished I was going home with the products that I’m selling because they are so amazingly good!


Oregon also has a robust medical system that has been serving patients since the 90’s. Unfortunately, Washington has eviscerated their medical program that left thousands of medical cannabis users panicking for a stable affordable supply of medicine.


Although we are currently experiencing some growing pains with the OLCC takeover, we haven't seen any of the stores run out of product like Washington and Colorado did in the early days. In fact, when we talk opening day numbers, Colorado had 24 stores, Washington had four, and we had 250. That spurred an $11 million opening week. More than Colorado and Washington combined. Oregonians pride ourselves for being prepared.


Finally, we got that Good Good, that Dank, what the kids these days call Fire. During the last Dope Cup, the official testers from the Trichome Institute said that, on the whole, Oregon cannabis was on another level compared to the rest of the country. I’d like to add that they are from Colorado as well. I trust the experts on this, but I already knew that when you think of the best cannabis in the country, you have to think Oregon!

Mt Hood Magic Strain Review

He’s a Magic Man Momma!


Working at a dispensary is one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had, but as in life, there is a danger of getting into a routine. I mean, when you see the best cannabis in the state day in and day out, you tend to just get used to seeing all that fire.


But every once in awhile a flower or two will grace our shelves and spark lively discussions about the strain or grower. The guys over at Clear Creek Cannabis has been our most recent discovery over at our shop Oregon’s Finest. I'm talkin about the Mt Hood Magic!


This amazing indica dominant strain is a magical combination of Durban Poison, always one of my top strains for just feeling awesome and energized. With a very old friend of mine, who I haven’t seen much of, the old Northern Lights #5. I was getting some amazing Northern Lights back in the 90’s when I was attending College in Ashland (yes I know it’s a university now….I’m old!)


Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with a rush of those Durban Terps that love to make my mouth water. The earthy background was that old familiar smell of the NL#5, like greeting an old buddy. It made for an intoxicating combination for me. I just couldn’t resist it!


I rushed to clean out my bong when I got home so I could tear into this sample as only I know how with eager anticipation!


The first few bingers were very smooth and refreshing. Durban almost has a citrus minty flavor to it; couple that with the sweet earthy taste of the Northern Lights, and you have a very flavorful combination!


The immediate effects were very uplifting and enjoyable. I was relaxed but not couch locked at all. After about 30 min or so, I started to feel the indica side take over as the sensation dropped down to settle into my body. Waves of relaxation took over as I drifted into a weed nap after a very long day at work. I really enjoyed this strain! It is tough for me to find that perfect balance of relaxation without passing out right away. This was blissful to say the least!


Had a tough day at work?  Having troubles getting yourself down to go to sleep? Although it’s not a knockout punch, NL#5 will definitely get the job done. Get on out to your local cannabis connection, and visit me at Oregon’s Finest. I got you, and a little Magic in your life!

Buddies Cannabis Extract

Hindu Kush Nug Run


Just got the newest hotness from our friends at Buddies Cannabis Extracts. This so called Terp Sugar is a nug run crumble grown by the Southern Oregon Farm of Moonshine Gardens. The Hindu Kush is known for great pain relieving effects – and was really excited to try it out!


First off, I was impressed with the packaging, that included a card describing the farm where this extract was from. Now I want to try out some of that farms flowers for sure (ya hear me folks. SEND SAMPLES!).


Opening up the glass jar, I got a huge whiff of the sweet earthy terps that were trapped inside.  This offering is a crumble that some folks find easier to manage in their preferred vaping device verses a shatter of sticky oil. If you have a vape pen, I’d recommend a crumble for easier reloading of the atomizer. 


A quick ISO wash of my trusty Rooster Apparatus, and I’m ready to rock this thing. I’m a low temp dabber so I can experience the full flavor and not hack up a lung in the process, and, boy, did Buddies not disappoint.


My first hit was very flavorful; sweet and earthy flavors were there to dominate my tastebuds.  My head began to swim a bit as the main effects settled down into my body, seeking the areas of pain and discomfort my broken body appreciates. Although I was feeling very calm, I was far from sedated. This was a perfect evening, relaxing in front of fire with a dope book. 


If you’re looking for great pain relief without feeling locked into the couch, get the Hindu Kush by the extracting experts at Buddies Cannabis Extracts.


Instagram: @buddiesbrand



THC: 69.96%


Tested by ChemHistory


Pax has been a leader in the flower Vaporizer game since the beginning, focusing on a premium builds to deliver the best cannabis experience in the business. Their reputation for quality flower vapes is backed by simply the best 10-year warranty in the industry.

Recently at Cannacast420, we got an in depth overview of the newest offering from Pax in the newest evolution in vaporizer pens.  

I present to you the Pax ERA! This nifty piece of tech was introduced last year to the Colorado markets with a few surprises I'm sure they weren’t expecting.  Namely, how bulletproof their new Pods, which deliver the tasty, concentrate oils – pressurized to work as well on a mountain as on the beach. They told us they distributed over 28 thousands units and had only eight come back failed. That is unheard of. If you're a fan of using these carts then I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of having to return one or two in your days. Well, I am happy to report that these little babies will hold up and work every time you fire them up!

The oil inside has been produced by none other than the legendary extractors at Evolvd. These folks have been producing the best tasting, and most potent extracts that I have personally tasted. And the new delivery system hasn't diminished the effects or taste one bit. In fact now with the superior tech in the batter, I can now increase the flavor like I’ve never been able to before!

Let’s move to the battery, because this has also been improved light years beyond what has been available in the past. The sleek button less battery is packing a much larger battery than most models of similar size. There is a motion sensor that when the unit is shaken will tell you the current battery level, and once the pod is dislodged, it will allow you to adjust the temperature as well. But the real tricks start when you connect the internal Bluetooth with your phone, and then you can increase the temp by factors of 10 or by the single degree, allowing you to dial in the perfect temp to either increase flavor (lower temp) or turn up the cloud production (higher temp).

With the app, you can also change the color and intensity of the lights; lock the batter so kids and greedy roommates will not get into your stash. To operate it, you simply put you lips on it and inhale, and the computer takes care of the rest. There are even three games you can play if you're at a party or bored on the train. We had way too much fun with the Spin the Bottle game! Run out of oil in a new town? The app will tell you where to get new ones in your area.  Amazing!

The fact that you can pop on a pod at a moment's notice to change up you experience is a very nice way to discreetly medicate yourself at home or on the go. I can’t recommend this unit enough. Best battery unit I’ve ever seen. Best oil I’ve ever tasted. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pods available once we get them in. Go out and get one of these – you won’t be disappointed.



Photo: Matt C.

Dirty Arm Farm: Tangie Live Resin

My New Sunshine Daydream

By Cannabis Consigliere


While out on the river recently my phone buzzed blissfully to inform me that a bunch of live resin just dropped at Oregon’s Finest from Dirty Arm Farm. As I am a huge fan of their work for a couple years now, we raced over to the shop to snag us a sample.


The Tangie was recommended by Jess for it’s flavor and uplifting effects. The strain traces back to DNA Genetics located in Amsterdam, basically a remake of Tangerine Dream according to my research. The Crosses are California Orange, and a Skunk Hybrid. I was expecting a very citrusy taste and smell.


Dirty Arm Farm’s more natural growing style really gives their products a distinctive taste. There is nothing subtle about anything they do. The first dab was almost like a fresh orange peel. The flavor was overwhelming and extremely satisfying. I will take flavor over anything when shopping for cannabis products. Potency will usually take care of itself if the attention to detail is there.


I felt this uplifting effects right off the bat. The cerebral energy led to some great conversations by the fire while we enjoyed our impromptu BBQ. I would recommend this energetic concentrate when you're planning a nice active summer day with friends.


THC:66.0%  CBD: 0.2%

O Pen 2.0 Vape Review

By Cannabis Consigliere

 We had a visit by the great folks at O-Pen Vape who gave us a rundown on their latest battery, and, of course, show off some awesome vape carts for us to sample.

First I want to highlight the battery. This simple looking draw activated battery looks like a thousand of other branded batteries in the industry. You simply screw in the cartridge and take a gentle pull on the mouthpiece. In turn, the battery automatically fires up the cart and you inhale the yummy vapor.

The O Pen 2.0 has integrated a click button at the end to access an array of temps, from a flavor enhancing 2.4 volts, to a more fuller lung hit at 4.0 volts, which is really too hot for my tastes but a wax attachment is in the works. Amazing as that is, it also has a rapid recharge option that will get your party back on track in about 20 minutes – if you don’t have the time to do a proper two-hour slow charge.  Slap a lifetime warranty on it and you have the one battery that I suggest to everyone at Oregon’s Finest where I work.

The Distilled cartridges they offer are top shelf quality as well. The “Clean Green Certification” assures you that the plant material has been grown in an organically sustainable way. They apply a process to first remove the very delicate flavors of the terpenes and later let those flavors steep in the oil, insuring that you are getting one of the more flavorful vaping experiences.

The Dr. Funk X Papaya I received was delicious and potent from start to finish. O-Pen has been operating in other states for a while now, and we are very happy to have their fine products among our recreational dispensaries. Get that battery, and snag a couple carts to enjoy for your next session!

Photo: Matt C.

Photo: Matt C.

Photo: Matt C.